Content Structure

The platform should allow repeated or elaborate texts to occur in a single section and let them be referred to. This feature would lead to the following sections.

  • Concepts, in particular causes of being.
  • Goals, along with
    • a quantification or other yardstick,
    • means, that is, preliminary goals (including measures against a problem if solution of the problem is considered a goal)
    • ends, that is, goals of which this goal is a preliminary goal (same remark as for means) and
    • scenarios for sake of illustration.
  • Problems (including risks) mentioning their
    • manifestations,
    • causes (of becoming) which can be other problems,
    • causes of being (for which in-text references to concepts may suffice)
    • effects (most of which could automatically be generated as problems caused by this problem)
    • goals (see above) which, if this problem would not exist, would be attained, either immediately or because the disappearance of an effect frees the way for reaching the goal, and
    • instances of the problem (which have no specific measures against them) along with their causes.
  • Measures (in the sense of actions) as such.
  • Measures against problems, mentioning
    • advantages (reasons for this particular measure instead of an alternative)
    • disadvantages (objections against this particular measure) and
    • instances of the measure.

The detailed definitions of cause, problem, and so on are on the definition page, where also some light is shed on the derivation of goals and effects.

These sections can be divided into subsections, like goals into sub-goals.

Whether a measure against a problem is accepted or rejected is up to the user of the template.

There would be two more sections dealing with the above sections:

  • Categories of the above.
  • References from one text or section to the other, allowing substitution of text from a single point of definition.

Conditions (such as fairness) have been omitted because they are too multi-faceted to be cast in a fixed mould.