Requirements of the Digital Platform

The platform would have to have the following technical features.

  • Global access (e.g. using an internet browser.)
  • Scalable (start with few users but allow many.)
  • The structure of each kind of section is common, mandatory, and centrally updatable. 
  • Authorisation: roles such as for moderators. Optionally, an approval workflow.
  • Collaborative editing. Concurrency control preferably is by locking text fragments being edited for a limited time.
  • Version control: store previous versions of the content (not e.g. of the discussion thread) but do not cater for branching to avoid merge conflicts.
  • Identity management (allowing a nickname) and protection of persons (GDPR etc.)
  • Commons license (no intellectual property of contributions.)
  • The content would have to be convertible to a document (so with omission of details.)
  • A graph structure (see the example) by means of references instead of a hierarchy.
  • Preferably, dependency management in the sense of substitution of referred content, notification of broken links or changed referred content, logical references, and the like.
  • A guarantee for continued support.

The cost would mainly be due to personnel, hardware, and possibly licenses.