Reasons for the Project Proposal

The reasons behind this website are as follows.

  • The world is experiencing several environmental crises: global warming, collapse of ecosystems, resource scarcity, and so on;
  • to tackle the environmental crises, governments, organisations, and communities need a detailed emergency plan (see the note below);
  • an emergency plan could be derived from a template (general framework) which lists measures against various problems, along with arguments, as well as possible pathways towards implementation of the measures;
  • such a template could be written collaboratively on a digital, global platform; and finally,
  • you may be able to contribute to launching such a platform.

The template could be a head start of a plan for actual measures and their implementation. For example, citizens’ assemblies (see Wikipedia) may derive a plan from the template and transfer authority to their government for enforcing implementation of the plan. This has the benefit of motivating both citizens and government. The main benefit, however, would be to provide a perspective on fundamental change, as set out in the section on functional specifications.

Note about the environmental emergency

Cities, nations and even Europe have declared a state of emergency because of the climate:  see the corresponding section in ‘similar organisations‘ for references. (By the way, the word ‘emergency plan’ expresses a dilemma: any emergency calls for immediate action, yet a detailed, extensive plan still needs to be written.) The following mentions some literature about the climate, ecology, and resources.


Scientists mostly agree that there is global warming and that it is caused by human activity:

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According to

13422 scientists support a warning that there is a climate emergency:

William J Ripple, Christopher Wolf, Thomas M Newsome, Phoebe Barnard, William R Moomaw (sept. 1, 2019):   World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency, Bioscience Magazine. See:

However, more than 800 scientists disagree:

CLINTEL (2020) There is no climate emergency.

This should be contrasted to the growth of CO2 emissions:

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One million species are expected to go extinct:

IPBES (2019) Nature’s Dangerous Decline ‘Unprecedented’. Species Extinction Rates ‘Accelerating’. Media Release. See:


Scarcity from an economic perspective:

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